The online sales book project began in 2007 as a rewrite of a mid-90's ASP project for Moduline Canada. The initial project was to replace the original, running on Windows, IIS, Access, and ASP, with open-source materials. The rewrite took 6 months to complete on the LAMP stack, reduced page load time by 98%, and replaced 400,000 LOC with 20,000 LOC. In the process, much of the website content was made user-generated, and developer time was freed for writing improvements to the system. Within 2 years, the online sales book project was so successful that it was raised to the divisional level and implemented across all 5 subsidiary plants in western Canada.

The strengths of the system lie in object-oriented PHP and a carefully developed, highly normalized MySQL database, which permit rapid development and deployment of new features. Subversion is used for code versioning, allowing multiple developers to work on the project at once. The sales records provide significant raw data for business intelligence, and many common reports are automated. However, the system has managed to avoid inner-platform effect for report generation by restricting website report development to common reports and querying the MySQL database directly for custom or one-off reports.